7 Things to Look Out For When House Hunting in Nigeria

7 Things to Look Out For When House Hunting in Nigeria

When you want to buy a house, you should take the time and effort to be physically present to inspect and check out the house or apartment that piques your interest. It is not enough to just put a call through to your estate agent, or the seller to make a bid.

The reason is that nobody else apart from you can accurately guess what you will like and how you will like it. Things like flooring, size of the kitchen and bathrooms may be a bigger deal to you than it is to them. Things like ventilation will also require your presence.

Without further ado, here are important things to look out for when hunting for a house in Nigeria.

  1. Location Is Important

The area of your house is a permanent fixture. Unless your house is a mobile home, you’re not going to be able to pack up and move your house to a different area. You’ll be stuck with it for a very long time, possibly forever if you’re buying.

That’s why you have to carefully consider the location before you decide to make a bid on that house. Is it an area you are comfortable with? Is it safe? Is it clean? What kind of people live there? Is it a noisy area?

Other things that you’ll have to consider is how easy it is to access by road, closeness to your work, marketplaces/grocery stores and bus stops. You also have to confirm if clean and potable water is available, and importantly if it is prone to flooding.

You may be willing to make compromises on some things, but you should maintain a firm stand on things that you’re not willing to compromise on.

  1. The Neighborhood

It is not impossible to find a house that you’ll love in a neighbourhood that you detest. You shouldn’t settle for this. You should take the time to hunt for a home that meets your checklist. You shouldn’t settle in a neighbourhood that you hate just because you like the house. Make inquiries about the environment. Is it child-friendly? Is it safe? Are there speed bumps to curb speeding vehicles? Is it safe for children to play outside? Is it safe to take a walk? These are questions that you should ask.

  1. Inspect The Windows And Lighting

The ventilation of a house is a significant factor. You should avoid houses with small windows as they are an indicator of poor ventilation. You should make sure the building has enough windows. The style of the windows depends on your taste, and whether you’d pick your privacy over brightness.

You can pick out large windows that offer a lot of brightness as it is easier to adjust the lighting to make the room a bit darker or according to your mood.

You also have to decide on the style of windows you want. Do you prefer louvres, sliding windows or the standard double hung windows?

  1. The Kitchen Is Also Very Important

Are you the kind of person that can spend hours on end whipping up meal after meal in the kitchen? If you are, then a big and comfortable kitchen must be on your ‘no compromise’ list. Ensure that the house has a big kitchen that you can comfortably work in.

While you can easily remodel the kitchen, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t come cheap. Remodelling may eat into your savings, so it is easier and less of a hassle to make sure that the kitchen works well for you in the first place.

Also, if you have a family, then you should keep in mind that your kitchen should be able to accommodate multiple people at a time.

  1. How Big Is The House? And How Much Space Do You Really Need?

Purchasing a massive house with plenty of space sounds like an excellent idea, but can your purse afford to buy an enormous house with six rooms ensuite? You have to be very logical in making this decision.

A huge house will require you to buy more furniture and gadgets to fill it up, so it doesn’t come off as being sparse. This will eat into your savings even more. Also, it costs more to decorate a large house compared to a smaller one. The costs of maintaining a big home should also be put into serious consideration.

  1. You Should Enlist The Help Of A Trusted Real Estate Agent

Most property owners who have a house put up for sale won’t blink when they’re ripping you off by charging way more than what the house is worth. Many of them aren’t against taking advantage of you if you come off across as being naïve.

To avoid this, you should work with a professional in the field, i.e., a real estate agent, who will not only offer you expertise and experience but will also take care of your interests, and make sure that you don’t get cheated. It will also make the entire house hunting process less stressful for you since you don’t have to worry that someone will rip you off your hard earned money.

  1. Think Everything Through

Rushing through your decisions without thinking them through first is foolhardy. Don’t rush through your choices. You’ll be happier if you take the time to get a house that meets everything on your checklist, so far you achieve your goals.


Just because you have a tidy amount saved for a house doesn’t mean you should buy the first house that seems to similar to what you want. Take time to explore other options first and compare them.

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