5 Common Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Movers.

5 Common Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Movers.

When you’re relocating, how do you move all your belongings from the old house to the new one?

The answer is simple! You hire movers, of course! Movers are the fairy god-mothers of relocation.

Of course, you can decide to do the job yourself and just pack all your belongings into your car (but how big is your car exactly? How many trips would you have to make?). But think of all the stress you’ll go through. Not only will you be settling in a new home, but you’ll be bone weary with the effort of moving all by yourself.

Hiring movers will save you time and stress, but there are some mistakes that are common to make. It is a very tricky job to get the right movers, and if it is your first time, things can go wrong very quickly.

In order to avoid that, below are some mistakes to stay away from.


Choosing the right movers is a process that could take weeks. Just because a moving company is efficient doesn’t mean they are the right ones for you.

You need to think about your specific needs and services. Do you have a lot of heavy stuff to move? Are you leaving some of your belongings behind or selling them off? Or are you going with every single thing?

How much stuff do you have to move? Do you think a single truck will be enough for your things? How many movers do you think will be enough?

You need to plan well ahead and then begin to make proper preparations in advance for everything to go smoothly.


In general, last minute bookings are generally more expensive than early bookings. The earlier you book, the better.

If you wait till late, you might have to pay a late fee and you may also not have a say in what kind of services you get. You might be stuck with whatever services are available, and you won’t have the opportunity to vet the movers that will come into your home. Simply put, what you see is what you get.

So, don’t wait until the last minute. Get on the phone now and make the booking.


There are a lot of moving companies out there so you would be doing yourself harm by not getting quotes from as many as possible. You should ask for quotes, and then compare prices and reliability rates.

If you stick with getting quotes from just one company, you have no negotiation power as you have nothing to compare them to. This may mean that you will end up paying higher charges than what is usual.

You should also compare track records of the companies. Look out for companies with four or five-star ratings. These companies tend to be more reliable and have fair prices.


You should be prepared for all contingencies. The moving truck is very likely going to be stopped for a search by the police, and so you should be prepared for this.  In some cases, just a means of identification will be sufficient, but sometimes, you may be required to show proof of ownership. This is why you should keep the receipts.


You need as much information as possible on both the moving company and the moving process. So, you should never push questions to the back of your mind. Also, you should voice out your concerns at any time.

You should ask questions about the history of the company, the customer relations services, and the state of their equipment. You should also try to probe gently into the integrity of the company.

Also, you should ask if their services end by dumping your belongings outside the house, or whether they will help you take them inside and put them where you want them to be. Confirm if this is part of the package or if it attracts an extra charge.

Should you have any concerns or you need clarification on anything, you should contact the customer service for help. One thing is important: Do NOT keep mum.

When you avoid these listed mistakes, it will be easier for you to move from one house to another with little to no stress at all. The whole process will be a piece of cake.

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