FWC represents Nigeria at the 2019 Shelter Afrique Symposium

FWC represents Nigeria at the 2019 Shelter Afrique Symposium

First World Communities Ltd (FWC) Represents Nigeria in the 2019 Annual Shelter Afrique Symposium, Morocco.

In the bid to increase the need for SOCIAL HOUSING programs, as well as tackle the current Housing deficiency in Nigeria and eventually Africa;

First World Communities Ltd (FWC) has been nominated to represent the Country in the Shelter Afrique 38th Annual General Meeting & Symposium.

Slated to take place in the Kingdom of Morroco on the 19th of June, 2019; the Meeting is geared towards implementing Institutional and legal frameworks-Keys to successful Social housing programs.

Speaking at the event, P.M. Tunde Reis, the President & Founder, First World Communities Ltd, expatiates on Social Housing, the dynamics by which it affects Africa as a continent, promises, limitations and capacity.

Tunde’s track record as a housing expert includes initiating the Cooperative Home Ownership Incentive Scheme (CHOIS), an incorporated partnership between First World Communities Limited and the Lagos State Government of Nigeria to deliver 10,000 affordable new homes, under Lagos CHOIS Limited Partnership.

To learn more about Shelter Afrique and its initiative towards developing the housing and real estate sector in Africa, click here http://www.shelterafrique.org/index.php/about-us/who-we-are/

At FWC, We believe that our business is more than housing, we are building lives & nations in Africa.

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