First World Communities is more than the business of selling houses.

We are passionate about building lives and nations through quality properties sold at exceptional pricing, located in an eco-friendly environment. We have responded to the increasing housing needs in Nigeria through Co-operative Home Ownership Scheme (CHOIS), a unique community of thousands of homes built in sub-urban locations in Lagos State.

Regardless of what you earn, CHOIS gives you the opportunity to own a home at any of our three locations; all serene, well-secure areas with proximity to a wide range of facilities, major landmarks and prominent institutions through our variation of properties and flexible pricing plans.

These homes are a mix of carefully selected residences for you to pick from – the CHOIS truly is yours!

Our Mission

“To provide people with affordable housing experience in attractive and safe communities as a contribution to wealth creation and socio-economic development ”

Our Vision

“To be the leading provider of affordable homes and associated infrastructure in West Africa by 2020 ”

Our Values

Building Lives & Nations
We believe that our business is more than housing ....we are building lives and nations in Africa.
We maintain a firm commitment to innovation in our business - continuously exploring opportunities for excellence to improve the quality and affordability of the homes we build.
Building for posterity is at the heart of all we do. We respect the environment, being careful to ensure that in every area of our work we consider the environmental impact of decisions, as we strive to build a business that will outlive the founders and thrive for several generations.
We are passionate about our relationship with our customers, clients and communities ensuring that our business relationships are conducted with highest level of integrity and professionalism and love.
People & Communities
We invest in our people & the communities we work in to align our dreams and achieve prosperity together.

Our partnership with the Lagos State Government.

CHOIS was created out of a public-private partnership by our parent company, First World Communities Ltd with the Lagos State Government in a decisive move to address the acute shortage in Lagos metropolis by developing high quality affordable housing.

Lagos CHOIS LP has a primary objective to deliver housing for low- and medium-income earners in sustainable communities by offering a sustainable approach to home ownership through Shared Equity, Lease-to-Own and long-term management of estates.